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Sl No Title Float Date ID Zone / Region
101Contract awarded for the month of Jan'20162016-07-20 13:35:4710629 Orissa
102Contract awarded for the month of Dec'20152016-07-20 13:32:3110628 Orissa
103Contract awarded for the month of Nov'20152016-07-20 13:29:4010627 Orissa
104Contract awarded for the month of Oct'20152016-07-20 13:26:5410626 Orissa
105Contract awarded for the month of Sept'20152016-07-20 13:22:4010625 Orissa
106 Details of Contract awarded (Annex-A & Performance of Difference contract Annex-B) for the month of June-20162016-07-18 16:52:5110623 Rajasthan
107Details of Contracts Awarded from Aug-2013 to May-20162016-07-15 18:53:5810619 Rajasthan
108Contract awarded for the month of June'20162016-07-13 13:20:0410616 Orissa
109PERFORMANCE OF DIFFERENT CONTRACTS FOR THE MONTH JUNE-2016 (Annexure B)2016-07-11 13:15:2710611 Haryana
110LIST OF AWARDED CONTRACTS FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE 2016 ( ANNEXURE-A)2016-07-08 14:54:3010610 Haryana

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