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Sl No Title Float Date ID Zone / Region
81Appointment of Multimodal Transport Contract for movement of Foodgrains from Designated depots of Kakinada/Kakinada Port to Andaman and Nicobar Islands - upto Port Blair Port and to 16 Principle Distribution Centres2016-12-02 16:54:0110707 Andhra Pradesh
82Details of contracts awarded - November 20162016-12-02 10:13:0210706 Madhya Pradesh
83Contract awarded for the month of October'20162016-11-25 14:14:2710704 Orissa
84Forfeiture of EMD of HTC Gharaunda against Tender Enquiry dated 01.09.2016 "under clause 6(i) of MTF", FCI Haryana Region.2016-11-23 11:54:1310703 Haryana
85Termination of HTC Sirsa against Tender Enquiry 06.05.2016 under clause 7 (C) (IV) of MTF, fofeiture of EMD of Rs. 2,96,6601-, debarment from participating in any Tender Enquiry in FCI for a period of five years and appoing HTC Sirsa at the Risk & Cos2016-11-22 11:46:1510701 Haryana
86Details of contract awarded (Annex-A & Performance of Difference contract Annex-B) for the month of October 20162016-11-21 13:59:4310700 Jharkhand
87Annual Maintenance Contract for providing of skilled and unskilled workers for the electrical maintenance & repairs of electrical installation in Zonal Office (North) building, Noida2016-11-17 15:55:2510696 North
88Award of Contract for Manpower Services2016-11-17 12:55:5710695 Headquarters
89Detail of Awarded Contractor in respect of UP Region for the Month of October-20162016-11-11 14:56:3610692 Uttar Pradesh
90Details of Contract awarded (Annex-A & Performance of Different contract Annex-B) for the month of Oct-20162016-11-09 11:54:5110689 Rajasthan

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