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Sl No Title Float Date ID Zone / Region
81DETAILS OF CONTRACT AWARDED DECEMBER 20162017-01-05 14:24:4710730 Gujarat
82Details of contracts awarded - December 20162017-01-05 10:42:2210729 Madhya Pradesh
83CONTRACT AWARDED IN NAGALAND REGION2016-12-28 12:51:1810723 Nagaland
84Contract awarded for the month of Nov'20162016-12-17 13:53:3210715 Orissa
85Contract awarded for the month of Sept'20162016-12-17 13:51:3510714 Orissa
86Contract awarded for the month of Aug'20162016-12-17 13:48:4710713 Orissa
87Handling/Transport Contracts for the month of November 2016 in respect of NEF Region2016-12-14 17:34:2510712 NEF
88Detail of Awarded Contractor in respect of UP Region for the Month of November -20162016-12-14 11:14:1810711 Uttar Pradesh
89DETAILS OF CONTRACT AWARDED NOVEMBER-20162016-12-13 11:45:5610710 Gujarat
90Details of Contract awarded (Annex-A & Performance of Different contract Annex-B) for the month of Nov-20162016-12-08 15:59:3810709 Rajasthan

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