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Circular No. 01/2017 Revision of incentive granted under Regulations 78 iii of FCI Staff Regulation 1971 to serving officers/officials for holding regular Departmental Inquiry/presentation of cases before Inquiry officer in addition to their regular sphere of duties
Revision of honorarium paid to retired Govt. Servants, including retired FCI officers, appointed as Inquiry officers on contract basis.

Vigilance 10-03-2017

Circular No. 03/2017 Enhancement of minimum rates of wages per day and rate pf variable dearness allowance (a special allowance) payable in the Schedule Employment of Loading and Unloading in Goodsheds, Godowns, Warehouses etc, to Labourers working under NWNP System

Industrial Relation(Labour) 07-03-2017

Circular no. 02 FIN 2017 Instructions for Amount of Imprest

Circular  on Imprest Advacne Dated 07.05.2014

Finance 06-03-2017

Circular-1 dated 03.03.2017 Upgradation of Bituminous road to CC roads in existing godowns

Engineering 03-03-2017

Circular No.EP- 24-2016-21 dated 01.12.2016 Sexual Harrassment

Personnel Establishment 01-12-2016

Circular No. FCIDCPS-04/2017 Settlement of Pension Claims of Ex-Employees

Pension 03-03-2017

Circular No. 01/2017 Payment of Service Tax on Demmurrage, Wharfage and Siding and Shunting Charges

Taxation 28-02-2017

Circular No. 02/2017 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Departmental Workers working in FCIinland Depots/Ports governed by IDA pattern of pay scales at revised rates effective from 01.01.2017

Industrial Relation(Labour) 27-02-2017

Circular No. 1197/Accts Correction Slip No. 651/Food

Accounts 21-02-2017

Circular No. FAP/24/2017 to implement Circular no. FCIDPS 02/2017/ACCTS issued bt pension Division

FAP 17-02-2017

Circular No.EP.10-2017-04 DATED 21.02.2017  Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules,  1988 Relaxation to travel by private airlines to visit Jammu and Kashmir. 

Policy & Industrial Relations 21-02-2017

Circular No WR-11-2017-02 dated 20.02.2017 Payment of DA w.e.f 01.01.2017 to all employees and executives of FCI governed by pre revised pay scales effective from 01.01.1997

Policy & Industrial Relations 20-02-2017

Circular No WR-11-2017-01 dated 20.02.2017 Payment of DA to all employees and executives governed by IDA pattern of pay scales at the rate effective from 01.01.2017

Policy & Industrial Relations 20-02-2017

Circular No. EP-12-2017-05 Dated 22-02-2017 Sanction of additional special lifetime ceiling applicable to a member for indoor treatment of self / spouse / dependent disabled children under the FCI PRMS - Delegation of Power.

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-02-2017

Circular No EP-12-2017-06 Dated 22-02-2017 Clarification on FCI Post Retirement Medical Scheme (PRMS)

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-02-2017

Circular No FCI DCPS 03/2017 dated 21.02.2017 Applicability of the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 on the newly introduced FCI Defined Contribution Pension Scheme.

Pension 21-02-2017

Circular No.EP.10-2017-04 DATED 21.02.2017 regarding Central Civil Services (Leave Travel Concession) Rules, 1988 Relaxation to travel by private airlines to visit Jammu and Kashmir.

LTC OM Dated 13.01.2017

Policy & Industrial Relations 21-02-2017

Priority to be given to settlement of death case claim [CPF/EPS/EDLI] settlements within 7 days-Directions given by PM during Pragati Review meeting held on 26.10.2016

CPF 11-11-2016

Circular No dated 14.02.2017 regarding purchase of Winter Uniform

General 14-02-2017

Circular No- FCIDCPS-02/2017/ACCTS dated 13.02.2017 Introduction of FCI Defined Contribution Pension Schemes

Pension 13-02-2017

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