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CIRCULAR NO. WR-11-2016-14 Payment of Dearness Allowance at the revised rate effective from 01.07.2016 to the employees including executives and FCI Departmental Canteen/Tiffin room employees governed by CDA pattern scales as recommended by the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

Policy & Industrial Relations 21-11-2016

Circular No WR-11-2016-13 dated Payment to dearness allowance at the revised rate effective from 01.07.2016 to the deputationist in the FCI on CDA pattern whose pay has been revised on the recommendation of the Seventh Pay Commission

Policy & Industrial Relations 21-11-2016

Circular 17-2016

Industrial Relation(Labour) 18-11-2016

Circular No EP-21-2016-20 dated 02.11.2016 Issue of Compendium of Instructions on reservation for ex-serviceman 

Policy & Industrial Relations 02-11-2016

Circular-EP-21-2016-18 Re-iteration of reservation policy for the recruitment of Category-IV posts dated 01.11.2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 01-11-2016

Circular No-1107-Accounts dated 26.11.2012

Accounts 26-11-2012

Circular No-EP-01-2016-19-Standard Operation Procedure SOP for verification of appointment letters-transfer letters dated 02-11-2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 02-11-2016

Circular No-11-2016 Entension of Festival Advance to No Work No Pay dated 06.10.2016

Industrial Relation(Labour) 06-10-2016

Circular no EP-21-2016-17 dated 26.10.2016Reservation in Promotion-Treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit

Policy & Industrial Relations 28-10-2016

Circular No 15-2016 Minimum rates of wages per day payable in the Schedule Employement of Loading and Unloading in Goodsheds Godowns Warehouses etc. to labourers working under NWNP System

Industrial Relation(Labour) 18-10-2016

Circular No-10-2016 dated 07.10.2016 

Finance 07-10-2016

Circular No-WR-11-2016-12 Payment of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 01.10.2016 to the employees and executives of FCI ON IDA pattern governed by pre-revised pay scales effective from 01.01.1997

Policy & Industrial Relations 13-10-2016

Circular No-WR-11-2016-11-Payment of Dearness Allowance to all Employees and Executives governed by IDA pattern of Pay Scale at the rate effective from 01.10.2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 13-10-2016

Circular No-12-2016 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Departmental Workers working in FCI Inland Depots-Ports governed by IDA Pattern of Pay scales at revised rate effective from 01.10.2016

Industrial Relation(Labour) 17-10-2016

Circular No-12-2016 Ex-gratia Payment to the eligible DPS-NWNP System Labourers for the financial year 2015-16

Industrial Relation(Labour) 07-10-2016

Circular No-10-09-16-(II)-Observance of Vigilance  Awareness Week 2016

Citizen Integrity Pledge

Integrity Pledge 

Vigilance 23-09-2016

Circular No-EP-22-2016-15 dated 05.10.2016-Holidays to be observed in the offices of the Corporation during the year 2017

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-10-2016

Circular No-EP-05-2016-13 FCI Staff Regulation-1971 Amendment Notification No 113- Inserting a provision in Appendix-I Consideration of seniors who do not fulfil the requisite experience for promotion where juniors in the seniority list are considered for promotion

Policy & Industrial Relations 27-09-2016

Circular No-EP-12-2016-16 dated 05.10.2016 Revised Guidelines Criteria for reimbursement of expenses for In-Vitro Fertilization to the employee of the Corporation-reg

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-10-2016

Grant of ad hoc bonus to FCI Departmental Canteen/Tiffin Room Employees for the accounting year 2014-15 enhancement of the calculation ceiling at par with Central Government Canteen Employees-Reg dated 22.09.2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-09-2016

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