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EP-04-2009-03 /EP-38(1)/2006 /29.01.2009Transfer of Earned Leave / Half Pay Leave and CPF accumulations in the event of movement of the employees from one enterprise to another.

Policy & Industrial Relations 29-01-2009

EP-09-2009-02 /EP.38(1)/2005 /22.01.2009Encashment of Half Pay Leave at the time Superannuation.

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-01-2009

EP.07-2009-01 /EP.38(2)98 /01.01.2009Recovery of amount subscribed to Provident Fund on account of treating leave encashment as a part of wages- regarding.

Policy & Industrial Relations 01-01-2009

EP-12-2007-06 / EP.43(24)/2005 / 26.03.2007

Policy & Industrial Relations 26-03-2007

EP-21-2005-22 /

EP-37(3)/97-Vol.II / 08.08.2005 Reservation in promotion Treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit

Policy & Industrial Relations 08-08-2005

EP-22-2007-05 / EP-10(1)98-Vol.II / 26.03.2007 Guidelines for closure of FCI Offices in connection with General Election/By Election to Parliament/ State Assemblies/ Panchayat/ Municipalities or other Local Bodies

Policy & Industrial Relations 26-03-2007

25-2006-17 / EP-49(1)/2003 / 18.07.2006 Implementation of Right to Information Act, 2005 - Instructions of Central Information Commission regarding posting of material on the RTI portal and Annual Return.

Policy & Industrial Relations 18-07-2006

EP-25-2006-15 / EP-17(1)/2005 / 16.06.2006 Appointment of Officers / Officials to hold one or more of other independent posts on additional charge basis in emergent situations for limited periods in the Corporation- application of the principles laid down in FR-49 ----- clarification…regarding

Policy & Industrial Relations 16-06-2006

EP-11-2005-21 /EP-17(1)/96 /

08.08.2005 Revision in the rates of Daily Allowance to the officials deputed on foreign in various countries regarding

Policy & Industrial Relations 08-08-2005

EP-16-2005-08 /

EP-17(2)/90-Vol.I / 01.04.2005 Revision of rate of license fees for residential accommodation provided by the Corporation to its employees / executives.

Policy & Industrial Relations 01-04-2005

EP-07-2005-07 /EP-41(5)/98 /

25.02.2005 Payment of Employers Share of Matching contribution during suspension period.

Policy & Industrial Relations 25-02-2005

EP-21-2005-06 / EP-37(1)2005 /

22.02.2005 Reservation for other backward classes (OBC) in FCI Clarifications Regarding creamy layer amongst (OBC)

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-02-2005

EP.24-2005-05 / EP.33(1)2000 /

18.02.2005 Grant of calamity Relief to employees affected by natural Calamity such as earthquake and tsunami from Food Corporation of India Calamity Relief Fund

Policy & Industrial Relations 18-02-2005

EP.12-2005-04 / EP.43(1)2005 /

14.02.2005 Empanelment of Pvt. Hospital for indoor medical treatment under Direct Payment System for the Corporations employees/ departmental labour/retired employees and spouse- clarification.

Policy & Industrial Relations 14-02-2005

EP-21-2007-03 / EP-37(3)/97-Vol.II/09.03.2007 Revision of quantum of reservation for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in case of direct recruitment to Cat.III and IV posts attracting from a locality or a Region.

Policy & Industrial Relations 09-03-2007

EP-12-2006-11 / EP-43(23)/2005 / 10.05.2006Issue of revised Medical Identity Card. ---- clarification thereof

Policy & Industrial Relations 10-05-2006

EP-03-2006-08 / EP-3(2)/88-Vol.IV / 05.04.2006 Postings/Transfers of Officers to the sensitive procurement Districts...regarding.

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-04-2006

EP-24-2007-02 /EP-34(1)96-Vol.I /01.03.2007 Grant of Advance for the purchase of Personal Computer to Cat.III employees.

Policy & Industrial Relations 01-03-2007

EP-25-2006-05 / EP.49(1)2003-Vol.III /23.03.2006 Implementation of Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005.

Policy & Industrial Relations 23-03-2006

EP.10-2007-01 /EP.18(1)2002 /05.01.2007 Regulation of air journey both by National and Private airlines while availing LTC by those not entitled to avail LTC by air.

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-01-2007

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