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Circular No-11-2016 Entension of Festival Advance to No Work No Pay dated 06.10.2016

Industrial Relation(Labour) 06-10-2016

Circular no EP-21-2016-17 dated 26.10.2016Reservation in Promotion-Treatment of SC/ST candidates promoted on their own merit

Policy & Industrial Relations 28-10-2016

Circular No 15-2016 Minimum rates of wages per day payable in the Schedule Employement of Loading and Unloading in Goodsheds Godowns Warehouses etc. to labourers working under NWNP System

Industrial Relation(Labour) 18-10-2016

Circular No-10-2016 dated 07.10.2016 

Finance 07-10-2016

Circular No-WR-11-2016-12 Payment of Dearness Allowance w.e.f. 01.10.2016 to the employees and executives of FCI ON IDA pattern governed by pre-revised pay scales effective from 01.01.1997

Policy & Industrial Relations 13-10-2016

Circular No-WR-11-2016-11-Payment of Dearness Allowance to all Employees and Executives governed by IDA pattern of Pay Scale at the rate effective from 01.10.2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 13-10-2016

Circular No-12-2016 Payment of Dearness Allowance to Departmental Workers working in FCI Inland Depots-Ports governed by IDA Pattern of Pay scales at revised rate effective from 01.10.2016

Industrial Relation(Labour) 17-10-2016

Circular No-12-2016 Ex-gratia Payment to the eligible DPS-NWNP System Labourers for the financial year 2015-16

Industrial Relation(Labour) 07-10-2016

Circular No-10-09-16-(II)-Observance of Vigilance  Awareness Week 2016

Citizen Integrity Pledge

Integrity Pledge 

Vigilance 23-09-2016

Circular No-EP-22-2016-15 dated 05.10.2016-Holidays to be observed in the offices of the Corporation during the year 2017

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-10-2016

Circular No-EP-05-2016-13 FCI Staff Regulation-1971 Amendment Notification No 113- Inserting a provision in Appendix-I Consideration of seniors who do not fulfil the requisite experience for promotion where juniors in the seniority list are considered for promotion

Policy & Industrial Relations 27-09-2016

Circular No-EP-12-2016-16 dated 05.10.2016 Revised Guidelines Criteria for reimbursement of expenses for In-Vitro Fertilization to the employee of the Corporation-reg

Policy & Industrial Relations 05-10-2016

Grant of ad hoc bonus to FCI Departmental Canteen/Tiffin Room Employees for the accounting year 2014-15 enhancement of the calculation ceiling at par with Central Government Canteen Employees-Reg dated 22.09.2016

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-09-2016

Circular No EP-10-2016-12 Leave Travel Concession Rules1988-Relaxation to travel by air to visit NER, Jammu and Kashmir, Andaman and Nicobar

Policy & Industrial Relations 22-09-2016

Circular regarding purchase of Uniform and Towel dated 15.09.2016

General 15-09-2016

Circular No EP-06-2016-08 Cash awards to encourage the FCI employee for noting-drafting in Hindi in official work

Policy & Industrial Relations 14-09-2016

MCC 1001 Mode of Payment of Railway's Dues

Movement 09-09-2016

Circular No.EP-12-2016-09 Clarification on Medical Health Scheme for the retirees of the Corporation.

Policy & Industrial Relations 09-09-2016

Circular No.EP.12.2016-10 Declaration of latest Dependent status to be furnished by all Employees for verifying the dependency status for the purpose of Medical Coverage/LTC

Policy & Industrial Relations 09-09-2016

Circular No WR-08-2016-10 Grant of Dearness relief to Industrial Dearness Allownace (IDA) pensioners/ family pensioners of FCI at the modified rate w.e.f 01.07.2016.

Policy & Industrial Relations 30-08-2016

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