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Circular no. 08/2017 dated 29.12.2017 
Circular no. 01/2018 dated 01.02.2018

Taxation 29-12-2017

Circular No. B-4(26)/2014/E&P/2083 regarding- Retention of FCI accommodation by FCI employee's Post Retirement/Transfer from/within the Corporation or by the Family in the event of Death of an employee while in service

General 29-01-2018

Circular No.EP.-12-2018-04 regarding Regulation of payment of additional special lifetime ceiling available to a member for indoor treatment as per clause 6.8 and 6.9 under the FCI PRMS

Policy & Industrial Relations 29-01-2018

Circular no. F-19/GST/ 2017-18/Part-I/Fin/GST 44 dated 25.01.2018 regarding E-WAY BILLS AND ITS REGISTRATION ON COMMON PORTAL
E-way Bill user manual ver1.1
E and Y FCI E-Way bill Procedure

GST CELL 29-01-2018

Circular No. WR-2018-09-01 Re-Fixation of pay and recovery of excess payment from Manager (Accounts) and AG-I (Accounts) in terms of Instructions Dated 18.05.2006 and 29.05.2006

Personnel Establishment 12-01-2018

Circular No. WR-11-2018-02 dated 12.01.2018 Payment of Dearness allowance to all Employees and Executives governed under IDA pattern of pay scales at the rate effective from 01.01.2018

Policy & Industrial Relations 12-01-2018

Circular No. 1225/Acctts Trade Payable Demurrage Wharfage siding shunting

Accounts 17-01-2018

Circular no. EP–21-2018-01 dated 08.01.2018 Revision of income criteria to exclude socially advanced persons sections (creamy layer) from the purview of reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBCs)

Personnel Establishment 08-01-2018

Circular no. EP–21-2018-02 dated 08.01.2018 Establishing equivalence of posts in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) with posts in Government for establishing Creamy Layer Criteria

Personnel Establishment 08-01-2018

Circular no. F-19/GST/ 2017-18/Part-I/Fin/GST_43 dated 08.01.2018 E-WAY BILLS  

E&Y Report

24th GST Council Meeting - Press Release

Notification 27_2017

Notification 34_2017

Notification 74_2017

GST CELL 08-01-2018

Circular no. F-19GST 2016-17Part-IFinGST_42 dated 29.12.2017 FAQ on GST


GST CELL 29-12-2017

Circular No FCIDCPS- 08 2017 One Time relaxation to Ex-Members for Refund

Pension 20-12-2017

Circular No. 30-CPF-2017 Dated 27.01.2017 Employees enrolments campaign, 2017 launched by EPFO

CPF 27-01-2017

Circular No. 30-CPF-2017 Dated 26.05.2016 Rate of Interest on CPF for the Financial YEar 2015-16

CPF 26-05-2016

Circular No. 32-CPF-2017 Dated 07.03.2017 Timely payment of CPF amount and time submission of pension documents

CPF 07-03-2017

Circular No. 33-CPF-2017 Dated 30.03.2017 Timely submission of application of CPF final payment by the retiring employees and labourers

CPF 30-03-2017

Circular No. WR-11-2017-13 Dated 14.12.2017 Interim order passed in W.P (C) 8342 2017 in the matter of Recovery of PLI paid in excess of 50% of Basic Pay of employees for the financial year 2010-11 onwards

Policy & Industrial Relations 14-12-2017

Circular No. 15/2017 Dated 06.12.2017 Payment on Productivity Linked Reward (PLR) Arrear to the FCI, Departmental Labours, of Chennai & Vizag Port for the financial year 2014-15

Industrial Relation(Labour) 06-12-2017

Circular No. 16/2017 dated 30.11.2017 Fixation of weekly-off on Sunday as per provisions of Minimum Wages Act, 1948 to the No Work No Pay system workmen of FCI

Industrial Relation(Labour) 30-11-2017

CIrcular No. EP-04-2017-37 dated 01.12.2017 Cash payment in lieu of unutilized earned leave on the date of compulsorily retirement as a measure of punishment under the disciplinary rules-Clarification

OM No.14028_1_2004-Estt(L)

Policy & Industrial Relations 01-12-2017

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