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Directory Of Officers [ East ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Smt. B. SubhalaxmiExecutive Director (East Zone) 033-2217-2902 / 033-40647539 033-2226-4756 zmeast.fci@nic.in
2Shri J. S. SyjuGeneral Manager (GM-Zone/Pers./Sales/Procurement) 033-40050320 gmzone1ez.fci@nic.in
3Shri N. R. PradhanGeneral Manager (V&S./Movt./SL/TL) 033-22294707 dgmvigez.fci@gov.in
4Shri S. K. SwainGeneral Manager (S&C/QC/IR-L/Engg./IT/HK) 033-2249-7490
5Shri B. B. Gupta General Manager/ACs (IA&PV/Gunny/CPF) 033-2249-7464 033-2229-3168 gmgunnyez.fci@nic.in
6Shri Amit RujGeneral Manager/ACs (F&A) gmfandaez.fci@gov.in
7Shri Abinash KumarGeneral Manager (Legal-RTI/Hindi/Coord.) 033-40016477 033-22497490 gmlegalez.fci@gov.in
8Shri Rajesh KumarDGM (SL-TL, Procurement, Sales, Coord.) 033-22296194
9Shri Aloke Kr. MukhopadhyayDGM (Pension-FT & Training) dgmtrgez.fci@gov.in
10Shri Atanu BhattacharjeeDGM (Security) agmsecez.fci@gov.in
11Shri A. K. BhaktaDGM (F&A/Gunny/CPF) dgmfandaez.fci@nic.in
12Shri Soumendra Nath RoyDGM/ACs (IA&PV) dgmcpfez.fci@gov.in
13Shri Kaushik DasDGM(S&C,QC, IT) dgmcommez.fci@gov.in
14Shri S.K.SatpathyDGM (IR-L, Hindi, Depot Inspection Monitoring Cell)
15Shri Sushil SarkarDGM (CE/HK) dgmenggez.fci@gov.in
16Shri Anil S. ChilwirwarDGM (EE & ME)
17Shri Ram Chandra MarandiAGM (Personnel) agmpersez.fci@gov.in
18Shri Sandeep Kr. GogoiAGM (IT/HK/Sales/Coord) compez.fci@nic.in
19Shri Biswajit SanyalAGM (Vig.) dgmvigez.fci@gov.in
20Smt. Anita Pal (Rana)AGM (Stg./Cont./SL-TL) agmstgez.fci@gov.in / agmsltlez.fci@gov.in

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