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Zonal Office(West), FCI New Building, Rajendra Nagar, Dattapada Road, Borivali (E), Mumbai 66 , Phone: 022-28702179

Directory Of Officers [ West ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri Surinder SinghExecutive Director (WZ) 022-28702171,28947071, zmwest.fci@nic.in
2Shri M.TulsidasChief General Manager (WZ) cgmwz.fci@gov.in
3Shri V HarivikramanGeneral Manager (IA&PV, I&E,IRL) 022-28947094,022-28703157 gmiawz.fci@nicin
4Shri Rajesh SahaGeneral Manager(Fin & CPF) 022-28702175,022-28947070 gmfinwz.fci@nic.in
5Shri P N SinghGeneral Manager (QC,Procurement,hindi,Movt.) 022-28701541 gmqcwz.fci@gov.in
6Smt. Dolly P. DevasiaGeneral Manager (Law,RTI,Liason Cell) 28701540/28947084 gmlegalwz.fci@nic.in
7Shri B B SinghGeneral Manager (Sales/IT/Engg/S&C/Co-ordination,Op.Losses) 022-28702174
8Mrs. K.P. AshaGeneral Manager (Vig.,Personnel) 022-28702178, 022-28947076 28947068 gmvigwz.fci@nic.in
9Shri K.V.R.RajuDy. Genl. Manager (Personnel/JD(Food)/HK) 022-28701537 dgmperswz.fci@gov.in
10Shri Rajeev K MishraDy. Genl. Manager (Hindi/Sales/IR-L) 022-28544083
11Shri H.S.DhaliwalDy.General Manager (Vig/Movt/S&C/I&E/Procurement/DIMC/Sports & culture) 022-28947079 gmvigwz.fci@nic.in
12Shri Jayprakash B.Dy. Genl. Manager(QC/PVs of stocks/operational losses 022-28947076 dgmqcwz.fci@nic.in
13Shri R.HemuDy. Genl. Manager(IT,Cordination/Public Relation) dgmcompwz.fci@gov.in
14Shri M. VenkatshwaraluDy. Genl. Manager (Civil Engg)
15Shri V.P. PatilDy. Genl. Manager(F&A) 022-28947064,022-28702180 dgmfinwz.fci@nic.in
16Dr. C.T. Sunil KumarDy. Genl. Manager (EM Engg) 022-28702178 , 28947076 dgmelectwz.fci@nic.in
17Shri Kiran Kumar SDy. Genl. Manager (A/Cs)
18Shri M B KasareAsstt.Genl.Manager (HK/ZTI/HINDI/Co-ordination) 022-28947037 agmhkwz.fci@nic.in
19Dr.(Mrs.)Ranjan A. BavaskarAssistant General Manager (Q.C/Procurement/Sales) 022-28947085 agmqcwz.fci@nic.in
20Mr.N.A.KhanAsstt.Genl.Manager (Elect) 022-28947049 agmelectwz.fci@gov.in

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