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GLP Building, Ulubari, G.S. Road, Guwahati-781007, India , Phone: 0361-2526033

Directory Of Officers [ North- East ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri Ashutosh Kumar Sinha, IPSExecutive Director (NE) 0361-2526033 0361-2526238 zmnef.fci@nic.in
2Shri M. K. GogoiChief General Manager(Genl./Engineering/Hindi/Security/IR-L/Coordination/ RTI) 0361-2521526 cgmne.fci@nic.in
3Shri M. MallaiahGeneral Manager (Genl./Procurement/ Storage & Contract/ Sales) 0361-2460306/09435592016 gmzonene.fci@nic.in
4Shri Debasis MishraGeneral Manager(Movement & Claims, Personnel, HK) 0361-2525942 / 09163331610 gmgenl1ne.fci@nic.in
5Shri Saikat GhoshGeneral Manager(IA & PV, CPF & Pension, IT including Depot Online & IISFM) 0361-2528115/ 09163331633 gmacctne.fci@nic.in
6Shri S. K. ChaurasiaGeneral Manager(Stocks/Operational Loss(SL/TL), QC & Vigilance) 9582758830 gmqcne.fci@nic.in
7Shri Rajesh SahaGeneral Manager(Finance & Accounts) 7718812777 gmfinne.fci@nic.in
8Shri Lalit Kr. MohantyGeneral Manager(Law/ IR-L/ Hindi / Coordination / RTI) 9435592019 gmlawne.fci@nic.in
9Shri P. R. AnilDeputy General Manager(Vigilance/QC/S&C/SL-TL/Sales/Procurement) 09435592010 agmcontne.fci@nic.in
10Shri KshitijDeputy General Manager(IA&PV/CPF/Pension/IT/Depot Online/IISFM) 9435592015 dgmcpfne.fci@nic.in
11Shri V. HoonyaDeputy General Manager(CE) 9435592007 dgmcene.fci@nic.in
12Shri Sitansu Kr. DasDeputy General Manager(Pers./Movt./Claims/HK) 8637216566 dgmperne.fci@nic.in
13Shri Kaushik SahaDeputy General Manager(IR-L/Co-ordination/Hindi/Security) 9402174895 dgmirlne.fci@nic.in
14Shri B. Rama RaoDeputy General Manager(F&A) 9163331627 dgmfinne.fci@nic.in
15Shri Anand Mohan DasDeputy General Manager(E/M) 9435592018 dgmemne.fci@nic.in
16Shri Angshuman DasAsstt. General Manager(Vigilance/ Security/ Hindi/ Coordination) 09401886432 agmvigne.fci@nic.in, agmhinne.fci@nic.in, agmcoordne.fci@nic.in
17Shri Vipul GuptaAsstt. General Manager (SL-TL/Movt. Claims) 0361-2527213/ 09435592011 agmsltlne.fci@nic.in,agmmovtne.fci@nic.in
18Shri Pranab PatorAsstt. General Manager(QC) 0361-2527204 agmqcne.fci@nic.in
19Shri Rohit KumarAsstt. General Manager(Personnel/HK/IT/RTI) 09435592013 agmperne.fci@nic.in, agmhkne.fci@nic.in, agmcompne.fci@nic.in, agmrtine.fci@nic.in
20Shri Gadhadhar SealAsstt. General Manager(Finance) 09435592017 agmfinne.fci@nic.in

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