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Vimmi Arora, Manager (IT)
Web Information Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
Email: webmaster.fci@gov.in
Phone Number: 011-43527481

Chetak Building, M.P.Nagar, Zone-II, Bhopal - 462011 , Phone: 0755 2673400

Directory Of Officers [ Madhya Pradesh ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri Abhishek YadavGeneral Manager (Region) 0755-2573400 - srmmp.fci@nic.in
2Shri Udai Bir SinghDeputy General Manager (Region/F&A) 0755-2573401 dgmrmp.fci@nic.in
3Shri G.P. YadavDeputy General Manager (Operation) 0755-2573422 dgmopnmp.fci@nic.in
4Shri P.V. ChelapathyDeputy General Manager (Civil) - dgmcemp.fci@gov.in
5Smt. Bhargavi ParmarDeputy General Manager (Legal) 0755-2573044 - agmlegalmp.fci@nic.in
6Shri Nitin GargAssistant General Manager (IT) 0755-2573431 agmitmp.fci@nic.in
7Shree Sanjay SharmaAssistant General Manager (Personnel) 0755-2574476 agmpermp.fci@nic.in,
8Shri Netra PrakashAssistant General Manager (Vigilance and Security) 0755-2573417 agmvigmp.fci@nic.in
9Shri Pawan MalhotraAssistant General Manager(Contract/HK/Electrical) 0755-2573407, 0755-2579948, 0755-2552990/2573444 agmcontmp.fci@nic.in, agmhkmp.fci@nic.in, agmelectmp.fci@nic.in
10Shri D.K. ShuklaAssistant General Manager (SL-TL/IR-L/RTI/Hindi) 0755-2554815 agmsltlmp.fci@nic.in, agmrtimp.fci@nic.in, agmirlmp.fci@nic.in, agmhindimp.fci@nic.in
11Rajeev Gupta Assistant General Manager (Civil) - agmcivilmp.fci@gov.in
12Shri M.K. MishraAssistant General Manager (Civil) - agmcivilmp.fci@gov.in
13Shri Chotelal MeenaAssistant General Manager (Commercial) - KMS - agmcommlmp.fci@gov.in
14Shri Rakesh Kumar RanjanAssistant General Manager (Quality Control-Lab/Storage) 0755-2573419 agmqcmp.fci@nic.in, agmstgmp.fci@nic.in
15Shri Jatin NarangAssistant General Manager (IA & PV) - agmacmp.fci@nic.in, agmcordmp.fci@nic.in
16Shri Vijay KumarAssistant General Manager (Quality Control) 0755-2573419 agmqcmp.fci@nic.in
17Shri Amit NemaAssistant General Manager (Accounts) 0755-2573423 - agmacmp.fci@nic.in
18Navin Kumar AGM (Co-ordination and Procurement RMS) - agmcordmp.fci@nic.in
19Shri Sanjay SharmaAssistant General Manager (Movement) 0755-2573406 agmmovtmp.fci@nic.in
20Shri Samar VermaArea Manager (Bhopal) 0755-2738825 bhopalmp.fci@nic.in

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