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Vimmi Arora, Manager (IT)
Web Information Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
Email: webmaster.fci@gov.in
Phone Number: 011-43527481

Kesavadasapuram, Pattom Palace(PO) Thiruvanthapuram , Phone: 0471 2441011 (ext. 210/203)

Directory Of Officers [ Kerala ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1B K PhilipGeneral Manager(Kerala) 0471-2441223 0471-2441060 srmke.fci@nic.in
2Dinesh Kumar TripathiDeputy General Manager(Kerala) 0471-2441214 0471-2441060 dgmke.fci@nic.in
3Nikesh Tiwari Deputy General Manager (F & A) (Adhoc), Grievance Redressal Officer (PWD Act 2016) 0471 2441036 dgmacctke.fci@ nic.in
4Mohammed ZakkirudeenDeputy General Manager (Law) dgmlegalke.fci@gov.in
5P.K.Suma Assistant General Manager(Personnel/IR-S) (Transparency Officer, RTI) agmperke.fci@nic.in,
6Ganesh JayampuAssistant General Manager (Finance/Taxation) 9746471629 agmacctke.fci@nic.in
7A.AlagarsamyAssistant General Manager(QC/IR-L) 9746473933 agmqcke.fci@nic.in, agmirlke.fci@nic.in
8K SrinivasuluAssistant General Manager(HK/Bills/RTI/Shipping/Compilation/Consolidation) , CPIO agmhkke.fci@gov.in, agmacctke.fci@nic.in, cpioke.fci@gov.in
9B ShivShankar SinghAssistant General Manager(Contracts/IA & PV) agmcontke.fci@nic.in,
10Suman Bhai Patel Assistant General Manager(Vigilance/Security) 0471-2441025 agmvigke.fci@gov.in, agmsecke.fci@gov.in
11Vadivel K. Assistant General Manager (Commercial/ Storage / P.R.) agmcommke.fci@nic.in, agmstgke.fci@gov.in
12S. K. Sajith KumarAssistant General Manager(Civil Engineering-I, Trivandrum Division) agmengg1ke.fci@gov.in,
13J.J.BinuAssistant General Manager(Civil Engineering-II, Palakkad Division) 9746073975 agmcepkd.fci@nic.in
14Devki Nandan J. GuptaAssistant General Manager (E/M) agmengg2ke.fci@gov.in
15Assistant General Manager (IT/ Co-Ord) agmitke.fci@gov.in, agmcoordke.fci@gov.in
16G RaniAssistant General Manager (SL & TL ) 9746473939 agmsltlke.fci@nic.in
17T. G. Subhdramma Assistant General Manager(Record Room / Pension) 0471-2441011
18G. RaniArea Manager, District Office Trivandrum 9746473919 amtvmke.fci@nic.in, thiruke.fci@nic.in
19Shantimol PrinceArea Manager, District Office Kollam 0474-2743496, 9746473903 amkolke.fci@nic.in, quilonke.fci@nic.in
20Sajnimol T.C.Area Manager (Deployed),District Office Alappuzha 0477-2253640,9746473904 amapyke.fci@nic.in, allepke.fci@nic.in

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