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Vimmi Arora, Manager (IT)
Web Information Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
Email: webmaster.fci@gov.in
Phone Number: 011-43527481

No.10, East End Main Road , 4th T Block Jayanagar, Bangalore , Phone: 080 26633572

Directory Of Officers [ Karnataka ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri. A.RajagopalGeneral Manager (Karnataka) 080-26633282 080-26633424 srmka.fci@nic.in
2Shri.G.N.RajuDeputy General Manager (Region) 080-26633474 dgmka.fci@nic.in,
3Shri. T. Radhakrishna PrasadDeputy General Manager (Finance & Accounts) 080 - 26633402 080-26633402 dgmacctka.fci@nic.in
4Shri. K. Sathya KumarDeputy General Manager (Opns.) 080-26633398 080-26635318 dgmka.fci@nic.in
5Shri. Gubbi SomappaAssitant General Manager (Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Vig & Sec, Protocol of RO Bangalore and Karnataka Region) 080-26633282 agmeeka.fci@nic.in, agmvigka.fci@nic.in,
6Smt. M. AnuradhaAssistant General Manager (MoU / Liaison / Co-ordination) 080-26633282 agmrlcka.fci@nic.in
7Shri. Arvind Kumar PathakArea Manager, District office, Bengaluru 080-25660798 080-25660677 bangaka.fci@nic.in
8Shri. Shyam KumarArea Manager, District office, Mysuru 0821-2428803 0821-2428803 mysorka.fci@nic.in
9Shri. Manjunath M HongalArea Manager, District office, Hubballi 0836-2363275 0836-2368290 hublika.fci@nic.in
10Shri.Vinod Kumar MeenaArea Manager , District office, Raichur 08532-227852 08532-227851 raichka.fci@nic.in
11Shri. Ramesh NayakArea Manager, District office, Shivamogga 08182-223486, 08182-405211 08182-271399 shimoka.fci@nic.in
12V.Nageswara Rao NaikAssistant General Manager (A/Cs) 080-26633282 agmacctka.fci@nic.in
13Shri. Md.Dilbar Hussain Assistant General Manager (RVS, SL/TL) 080-26633282 agmrvska.fci@nic.in
14Shri V.R.VISWANATHANAssistant General Manager ( HK) 080-26633282 agmhkka.fci@nic.in
15Shri. Sunil Kumar SumanAssistant General Manager (I&E/ Storage/ Stock Accounts) 080-26633282 agmstgka.fci@nic.in, agmieka.fci@nic.in, agmstkka.fci@nic.in
16Shri. Ramesh ChindriAssistant General Manager (A/Cs) 07349799227 agmacctka.fci@nic.in
17Shri. R.MohanAssistant General Manager (Movt/IT/Pers/Sales) 9632797268 agmmovtka.fci@nic.in, agmpka.fci@nic.in, agmitka.fci@nic.in, agmcomka.fci@nic.in
18Shri. Birendra KumarAssistant General Manager(QC) 080-26633282 agmqcka.fci@nic.in

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