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Vimmi Arora, Manager (IT)
Web Information Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
Email: webmaster[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in

Regional Office (Nagaland), House No. 105, Bank Colony , Dimapur, Nagaland-797112 , Phone: 03862-234614

Directory Of Officers [ Nagaland ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri Ksh.Thoiba Singh General Manager (R) i/c gmnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
2Shri Bankim PhongloDivisional Manager, Divisional Office, Dimapur 7085054009 dimapnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
3Shri Bharat Singh SolankiAGM(QC) 9414303973 agmqcnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
4Shri Jitendra SinghAGM (G) 7085054008 agmpnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
5Shri Tejavathu ChanduAGM(F&A) 9490745987 agmfanm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
6Smt. Limala AierManager (Pers./RTI) 7005106215 agmpnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmrtinm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
7Shri Sentitoshi WallingManager (Genl) 9612839706 dimapnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
8 Shri LalrothangManager(QC) 9862740023 agmqcnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
9Shri Salam Dayananda SinghManager (Contract/IR-L/Legal) 7005504221 agmcontnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
10Shri Himanshu BaruahManager(E/M) FCI RO Dimapur 9101552872 mgremnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
11Shri Kham Muanding TonsingManager (Movt./Co-ord/Sl-TL/IT) / PA to GM(R)i/c agmmovtnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmsltlnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcordnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmitnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
12Shri Dinachandra UshamManager (V&S / Commercial / Storage) 7005032040 agmvignm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcomlnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmstgnm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
13Shri Kishore SutradharManager(G) FCI DO Dimapur 8638806708
14Shri LendinokdangManager(G), FSD Dimapur dimapurnaganm[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
15Pushpendra SesmaManager(G) FCI DO Dimapur 9001446355

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