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Directory Of Officers [ Headquarters ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
121jeetender ThakurAssistant General Manager(Movt) 43527607 gmmovt.fci@gov.in
122Srinivasa Rao MylapalliAssistant General Manager(Movt.) 43527636 gmmovt.fci@gov.in
123ParamjotAssistant General Manager(Movt.) 43527387 gmmovt.fci@gov.in
124Assistant General Manager (P&R)
125V.BhuvaneshwariAssistant General Manager (CE) 43527346
126Suresh KUmarAGM(CE) 43527346
127Satish KumarAssistant General Manager(CE) 43527346
128P.K.RoyAssistant General Manager(TI) 43527384
129Kamna GyanAssistant General Manager (RPI) 43527521 agmrpi.fci@gov.in
130Neeraj KumarAssistant General Manager(I&E) 43527692,9968069770 agmie.fci@gov.in
131Dr. Om PrakashAssistant General Manager(Purchase) 43527528 dgmpur.fci@gov.in
132Gautam KumarAssistant General Manager(QC) 43527557 mqc.fci@nic.in
133R.K.MalikAssistant General Manager(QC) 43527528 mqc.fci@nic.in
134R.K.GautamAssistant General Manager(QC) 43527528 mqc.fci@nic.in
135Narender KumarAssistant General Manager(Legal) 43527663,950937803 mlegal.fci@gov.in
136Anand KumarAssistant General Manager (Legal) 43527665,8588011117 mlegal.fci@gov.in
138Chiranjee LalAssistant General Manager(IA & PV) 43527526,9717162677 miapv.fci@gov.in
139S.R.SinghAssistant General Manager(QC) 43527684 mqc.fci@nic.in
140Assistant General Manager(IA & PV) 43527376 miapv.fci@gov.in

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