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Direct Payment Labour System (DPS)

In this system, the workers are paid piece rates on ASOR %age basis, as in case of contractors.  The Gang Workers are paid actual earnings on ASOR %age for the quantum of work done or the minimum guaranteed wage @ Rs.651/- to Gang Sardar, Rs.638/- to Mandal and Rs.633/- to Handling Labour whichever is higher, whereas Ancillary Labours are paid minimum wages of Rs. 603/- per day w.e.f. 01.10.2019. Minimum Wages is revised by the Government of India after every 6 months. DPS workers have been given the benefits of CPF in addition to the benefits of Ex-Gratia / PLI / Gratuity / Workmen’s Compensation, Paid Weekly Off, National Holidays, Sick Leave, Medical First Aid and Medical Facility (Indoor/Outdoor) under ESI Act.

            ASOR% (Piece rate wages) are being revised on 1st april and 1st October of every year proportion to the increase in Minimum Daily Wages.

Last Updated on 13.02.2020