Besides, TPDS & NFSA, Food Corporation of India is also issuing foodgrains under various welfare schemes of the Government of India viz. Mid-Day-Meal, Wheat Based Nutrition Programme, SC/ST/OBC Hostels,  Welfare Institutions & Hostels, Annapurna, Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls-“SABLA” etc.  Schemewise overview are as under :- 

Mid-Day Meal Scheme 

The Mid-Day Meal Scheme was launched on 15.08.1995 by the Ministry of Human Resource Development with a view to enhance enrollment, retention, attendance and simultaneously improving nutritional levels among students in primary schools. . The Scheme presently covers students of Class I-VIII of Government and Government aided schools, Education Guarantee Scheme/Alternative and innovative Education Centres (EGS/AIE). 

Wheat Based Nutrition Programme (WBNP) 

This Scheme is implemented by the Ministry of Women & Child Development. The foodgrains allotted under this Scheme are utilized by the States/UTs under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) for providing nutritious/ energy food to children below 6 years of age and expectant/lactating women.  

Scheme for Supply of Foodgrains for SC/ST/OBC Hostels 

This scheme was introduced in October, 1994. The residents of the hostels having 2/3rd students belonging to SC/ST/OBC are eligible to get 15 kg foodgrains per resident per month. Allocations of foodgrains under the scheme are made by the Department of Food and Public Distribution based on the requests received from the State/UT Governments. 

Scheme For Supply of Foodgrains to Welfare Institutions 

With a view to meet the requirement of Welfare Institutions viz. Charitable Institutions such as beggar homes, nariniketans and other similar welfare institutions not covered under TPDS or under any other Welfare Schemes, an additional allocation of foodgrains (rice and wheat) not exceeding 5% of the BPL allocation is made to States/UTs at BPL prices by the Department of Food and Public Distribution. 


The Ministry of Rural Development launched the scheme in 2000-01. Department of Food and Public Distribution allocate foodgrains as per the requirement projected by the Ministry of Rural Development. Indigent senior citizens of 65 years of age or above who are not getting pension under the National Old Age Pension Scheme (NOAPS) are provided 10 kgs. of foodgrains per person per month free of cost under the scheme.

Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (RGSEAG) – 'SABLA' 

The Ministry of Women & Child Development launched the SABLA Scheme on 19.11.2010 by merging two schemes namely Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls (NPAG) and Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY) in to a single scheme to be implemented in 200 selected districts across the country aims at empowering adolescent girls of 11-18 years by improvement of their nutritional and health status and upgrading various skills like home skills, life skills and vocational skills. The requirement of food grains under the scheme for nutrition is @ 100 grams of grains per beneficiary per day for 300 days in a year. 

Supply of foodgrains to Defence and Para-Military forces

FCI also supply foodgrains to the defence personnels and para-military forces on quarterly basis.  The Ministry of CAF&PD on receipt of requirement of foodgrains from Ministry of Defence makes the allotment of foodgrains