Storage & Contract


Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution has approved 100 LMT capacity for construction of steel Silos.
Action Plan for construction of Silos.

Mode of Construction of Silos

  • Viability Gap Funding (VGF) under Niti Aayog mode. (DBFOT)
  • VGF under DEA mode. (DBFOT)
  • Non- VGF mode. (DBFOO)
Current Status as on 09.10.2020

Draft Concession agreement, Request for qualification, Request for Proposal under VGF(NITI Aayog mode)

Draft concession agreement, Request for qualificationRequest for Proposal under VGF (DEA) mode.

Concession agreement, Request for Proposal under Non-VGF mode. (Link of the Tender along with all Corrigendums)

Draft Concession Agreement, Request for Proposal under VGF(DEA) Mode for Construction of Silos at Kaimur and Buxar (Wheat & Rice)

Draft Request for Proposal & Concession Agreement for construction of Spoke silos under Non-VGF mode for comments of Stake Holders. NOTICE  (within 15 Days)

Statement Showing Status of Tender Process for Silo Projects