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Sl No Title Float Date ID Expiry Date Zone / Region
31Sale of Wheat under OMSS (D) Scheme -T.E-29(2016-2017) dated 16.01.20172017-01-16181132017-01-19Delhi
32Sale of Rice Grade-'A'under OMSS (D) Scheme -T.E-30(2016-2017) dated 16.01.20172017-01-16181142017-01-19Delhi
33E-Tender inviting for appointment of regular HTC for Transport work from RH Daltonganj to PEG Daltonganj and vice versa & Handling work at RH Daltonganj and inside PEG Daltonganj2017-01-16181152017-02-06Jharkhand
34TENDER NOTICE No. S&S.1 (91)/2016-17/OMSS (D) Bulk Sale/Wheat Dated: 16.01.20172017-01-16181162017-01-19Assam
35Notice inviting e-Tender for construction of godown under PEG 2008 scheme at different locations of FCI Jharkhand Region2017-01-16181172017-02-15Jharkhand
36T E N D E R N O T I C E No. S&S. 1(91)/2016-17/OMSS (D) Bulk Sale/Rice Dated: 16.01.20172017-01-16181182017-01-19Assam
37Sale of Rice under OMSS(D) through e-auction for 2016-172017-01-16181192017-01-19Karnataka
38MTF cum financial bid notice for sale of wheat under OMSS (D) through e-auction to empanelled Bulk consumers traders if any region with FCI and to state govts. / UTs for stocks lying at various depots of Madhya Pradesh region. 2017-01-16181202017-03-16Madhya Pradesh
39Sale of Wheat Bulk OMSS(D)2017-01-16181212017-02-17West Bengal
40NIT,MTF for sale of wheat under OMSS(D) to Bulk Consumer through E-Auction 19.01.2017 for Punjab region2017-01-16181252017-02-16Punjab

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