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Khadya Bhawan, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar - 751 007 (Orissa) , Phone: 0674-2585825


Ms. Vimmi Arora, Manager (General)
Phone No: 011- 43527463/62
Email: webmaster.fci[at]gov[dot]in

Directory Of Officers [ Orissa ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Shri. Banoth Prem Singh General Manager (Region) 0674- 2589347 gmor[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
2Shri. Anil DhillonDGM(Genl.) (Assignment of DGM(Region)/ Personnel/ Housekeeping/ Commercial/ Sales/ Engineering/ Hindi). 0674- 2589196/ 7077705604 dgmrodi[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in
3Shri. Sanjeev KumarDGM(Genl.) (QC/ PR(Coordination)/ Procurement/ IR-L). 0674-2589804/ 7077705602 dgm3[dot]odi[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in
4Shri. Ankush SinglaDGM(Genl.) (Storage & Contract/ Movement/ SL-TL/ IT/ DOS) 0674-2589533 / 7077705601 dgmodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
5Sri Anand Singh Rathore DGM (Finance & Accounts) 0674- 2589394 dgmfaodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
6Shri. Abhinav AnandDy. General Manager(Legal/ Vigilance & Security/ DIMC/RTI) 0674-2589757/ 7077705668 dgmlegalodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
7Shri. Amit Kumar Asstt.Genl.Manager(Movt)/(Movement/SL-TL/IT) 0674-2589329 agmmovtodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmtlsl[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcompuodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
8Shri Muni Raju A. AGM(QC) QC/Correspondence and follow up action of GM(R ) Inspection, Admin, RTI, Legal, Commercial) 7077705614 agmqc1odi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agm1odi[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in, rtiodi[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in, agmlegalodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmsalesodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
9Shri Sapan KumarAGM(QC) QC/Correspondence / Hindi / Security 7986207632 agmqc1odi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmhindiodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmvigodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
10Shri Mukesh Kumar MeenaAGM(QC) / QC and follow up action of GM(R) inspection, Procurement 7077705606 agmqc1odi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmprocodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in>;
11Shri Vijay BralaAGM(Genl.) AGM(Storage & Contact, PR Coordination & IR- L) 0674- 2589329 agmstgodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcontodi[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in, agmprodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmirodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
12Shri Moveen ShahAGM(Accts.) AGM(Payrolls, Bills, Taxes etc.) 9953604693 agmiapvodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
13Smt. V. Radha Swatisree Asst. General Manager(IA&PV) 9848796871 agmacctodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
14Smt. Saubhagyalaxmi DasAGM(Accts.) AGM(Finance & Cash Management) 7008783414 agmacctodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
15Shri Pankaj Kumar AgarwalAGM(Accts.) AGM(Accounts & Compilation, Housekeeping, DIMC) 9677078545 agmacctodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmhkodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, dimcodi[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in
16Shri. Abani Kanta PatiAsstt. General Manager (CE) 0674-2589571 agmceodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmeeodi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
17Shri. Vikas KumarDivisional Manager, FCI, DO, Balasore 06782-262178/7077705635 balasor[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
18Shri Vineet Parkash Divisional Manager FCI DO Berhampur 0680-2221857/7077705626 06655-220463 berhaor[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
19Shri. Ram Phool MeenaDivisional Manager, FCI, DO, Bhubaneswar 0674- 2589869/ 9460153784 0674- 2589857 bhubnor[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
20Shri. Sushil Kumar SinghDivisional Manager, FCI, DO, Cuttack 0671-2312460 / 7488973611 0671-2319504 cuttaor[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in

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