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Kesavadasapuram, Pattom Palace(PO) Thiruvanthapuram , Phone: 0471 2441011 (ext. 203)


Ms. Vimmi Arora, Manager (General)
Phone No: 011- 43527481
Email: webmaster.fci[at]gov[dot]in

Directory Of Officers [ Kerala ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
1Natabar PalGeneral Manager(Kerala) 0471-2441223 0471-2441060 gmke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
2Amit KumarDeputy General Manager (Region)- Personnel,IRS,Pension, Contract, Commercial,QC, IR-L, Storage,Movement, Vigilance, SL-TL, Payfixation-HBA, House Keeping, Engineering, Security, IT, RTI, Rajbhasha , Grievance Cell & Liaison Cell 0471-2441214 dgmke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
3Manoj KumarDeputy General Manager (F&A)- Finance, Accounts ,CPF & Audit, PR-Coordination, Shipping 0471-2441214 /0471 2441036 0471-2441060 dgmacctke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
4Satendra Pratap RaoDeputy General Manager (Law) dgmlegalke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
5Sagarmoy SensarmaAGM(Accts)- IAPV of DO/Depots as per ATTP and settlement of audit/PV paras, passing of third party bills 9830296162 agmaccke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
6Ankur VatsAGM(Genl.)- Storage & Contract 8283086144. agmstgke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmcontke[at]fci[dot]gov[dot]in
7Ram Kumar U KAGM(Movt.) - Personnel-II, HRMS, Movement, Security, Nodal Officer for Apprenticeship & HRMS 9447191944 agmmovtke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmsecke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmcontke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
8Arun Kumar M KAGM(A/Cs.)- Pay fixation& HBA, RO/Consolidation of Accounts, Finance & Concurrence including Engineering and Passing of bills, Statutory Returns, Filing TDS-GST 8921770461 agmacctke[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in
9Rani GAGM(Genl.)- (Commercial, PR, Coordination, IT) 9746473939 agmcommke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmitke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmprke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
10Smt. Nayana MadappaAGM(A/Cs.)- Salary Bills, Pay Fixation related concurrence, Bill Tracking System/Cash Management, PT/CPF/NPS Remittances 9606717358 agmaccke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
11Soni J GeorgeAGM(A/Cs.)- TA, Medical bills, Pension, DCPS-NPS and its correspondence 9074140481 agmpensionke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcoordke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, cpioke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in,agmacctke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
12Hem SinghAGM(Legal)- Legal, RTI, Shipping 9211556077 dgmlegalke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
13GajanandAGM(QC)- (Vigilance, Vigilance Squad, QC (Except QC Lab) of RO Trivandrum, QC works of DO Trivandrum and DO Kannur 9501977661 agmqcke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmvigke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
14V MugunthanAGM(CE)- Engineering Division, Kerala Region 9444606121 agmengg1ke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmcepkd[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in
15Saji MathewsAGM(Genl.) - House Keeping/Rajbhasha 9719152333 agmhkke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
16Dhirendra Singh BrijwalAGM(Genl.)- IRL 7060744478 agmirlke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
17Harish KumarAGM(QC)- SL/TL, QC Lab of RO Trivandrum, QC works of DO Alappuzha and DO Kozhikode 9216020220 agmsltlke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
18Rashmi ChauhanAGM(Genl.)- Personnel-I, IR-S, Training, Grievance Cell, VIP Reference 94138 25459. agmirske[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, agmperke[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
19Vijay SinghAGM(Genl.)- Divisional Manager, Divisional Office,Trivandrum 9746473919, 0471- 2503177 amtvmke[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in, thiruke[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in
20Bimal V TDivisional Manager(Deployed) ,Divisional Office Alappuzha 0477-2253640,9746473904 amapyke[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in, allepke[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in

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