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Vimmi Arora, Manager (IT)
Web Information Manager,
Food Corporation of India,
Email: webmaster[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in

16-20, Barakhamba Lane, New-Delhi-110001, India , Phone: 011-43527462

Directory Of Officers [ Headquarters ]

Sl No Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email Id
41Jagdish KumarGeneral Manager (Funds/DCPS) 43527407 gmfunds[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
42Devesh Kumar YadavGeneral Manager(E.1/EP/OMISS/HRMS) 43527574 43527558 gmpe[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
43S S TaxakGeneral Manager(I&E)
44Rajat SharmaGeneral Manager(Silo) 43527658 gmsilos[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
45K.C.SahuGeneral Manager(Proc) 43527683 gmproc[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
46Rashmi GulatiGeneral Manager (Finance) 011-43527604 gmfin[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in
47Sandeep DeoraGeneral Manager(PR/P&R/Coord) 43527680
48Moitereyi MohantyDirector (IFS) 4820404
49Sapna NarainDeputy General Manager(CPF) 43527576 dgmcpf[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
50Prashant RohitDeputy General Manager(RPI) 43527357 dgmrpi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
51Dr.V.K.TandonZonal Medical Officer 43527374
52CT Sunil KumarDeputy General Manager(E/M) 43527681 dgmengg[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
53Dinesh Kumar TripathiDeputy General Manager(Silo) 43527353
54AKUB SinghDeputy General Manager (Pur)
55Durgesh ShuklaDeputy General Manager (P&R) 43527403
56Rajesh Kumar SinghDeputy General Manager(Vig.) 43527464 mvig[dot]fci[at]nic[dot]in
57V. Senthil KumarDeputy general manager (Vig.) 43527434 mvig[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
58Shishir LakraDeputy General Manager(ZE) 43527357
59Anil DhillonDeputy General Manager(Estt) 43527585 dgme1[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in
60Arjun Kumar YadavDeputy General Manager(P&R, CLO) 43527402 mgrpandr[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in, gmhindi[dot]fci[at]gov[dot]in

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