Employee Corner


Under mentioned forms are for FCI employees only.

1. Card-Index Form
2. Leave Encashment Form
3. LTC Availing- Home Town and Bharat Darshan
4. Passport NOC
5. Temporary Advance Form
6. Purchase of Motor Car/Motor Cycle/ Scooter
7. Scheme of incentive for promotion of Small Family Norms
8. Medical Reimbursement claim form for Cat-3 and 4 
9. Reimbursement of Maintenance and Petrol Charges for Scooter/Motor Cycle
10. Reimbursement of Newspaper or Periodical Charges 
11. Refund of Medical Expenses for Retired Employees 
12. Refund of Medical Expenses 
13. Certificate –A (for OPD treatment)
14 Certificate - B (For Indore Treatment)
14A.  Medical Reimbursement application form
15.  Emergency Certificate (Medical) 
16.  FCI Calender 2011(Holiday list)
17. FCI Calender 2012 (Holiday List)
18. Annexures to the selected candidates to the post of Management Trainee (Accounts) and Management Trainee (Depot)  
19. Application for Monthly Pension- Form 10-D (E.P.S)
20 Computer Advance Form
21. Acuittance Roll
22. Cheque Drawn on SBI
23. CPF Advance
24. Engineering  Forms
25. Leave Permission
26. Office Order - Leave Sanction
27. OTA Reimbursment
28. Property Transaction - Permission
29. Receipt Voucher
30. Schedule of Recoveries of GPF
31. T.A Bill
32. Visitor's Pass
33. Model Tender Form Part-1
34. Model Tender Form Part-2
35 FCI Calender 2013 (Holiday List)

Form of Application for Claiming Refund of Medical Expenses incurred in connection with the Medical Attendence and/or treatment of Officers/Staff of the Food Corporation of India and their families.

37 RTI Quarterly Statement Form
38 FCI Calender 2014 (Holiday List)
39 Model Tender Document (Integrated Security Surveillance) 
40 Revised Form 13 Transfer Claim Form
41 Declaration Form of Income Tax 2017-18
42 FCI Calender 2015 (Holiday List)
43 FCI Calender 2016 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices)
44 FCI Calender 2017 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices)
45  FCI Calender 2018 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices) 
46 Income tax declaration  for 2018-19
47 CPF Composite Claim Form
48 FCI Calender 2019 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices)
49 Income Tax Declaration form for 2019-20
50 FCI Calender 2020 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices)
51 32% Declaration for allowance/Perks option form
52 Income Tax Declaration form 2020-21
53 FCI Calender 2021 (Holiday List for FCI Delhi/New Delhi offices)