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Information Technology


The challenge FCI faces today is to evolve into a modern, efficient and lean organization which continues to fulfill the mandate given to it for ensuring Food Security for the Nation.  The scale of operations of FCI has expanded immensely with increase in quantity of foodgrains procured, stored and transported to meet the requirements of TPDS and Other Welfare Schemes.  With the Food Security Act, there is going to be added pressure on FCI to meet increased demand and thus efficiency in operations becomes a critical factor for the organization.

In order to improve efficiency in the operations of an organization of the scale and size of FCI, IT can play a critical role in all aspects of its operations.  Over several years, FCI has implemented several IT initiatives which have contributed to improving the operational efficiency of FCI.  These include an Integrated Information System for Foodgrains Management (IISFM) which is deployed in all depots and gives stock position and receipt and issue of foodgrains from all depots on a daily basis.  The Financial Accounting Package (FAP), implemented across Headquarters, 5 Zonal Offices, all Regional Offices and all District Offices, has ensured automation and integration of finance, treasury, inventory, purchase and pay-roll functions.  Through this system, more than 5 lakh vouchers are processed on a monthly basis.