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Depot Online System

FCI is in process of developing and implementing Depot Online System to automate, facilitate and effectively manage its depot level operations. Depot Online will help in tracking and controlling the procurement, storage and movement of food grains within a depot by managing all associated transactions like Lorry Weigh Bridge, Quality control, Storage Loss / Transit Loss, Gunny inventory, Labour management etc. Real time information provides accuracy in inventory and improves visibility on quantity, location and age of available stock.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Pvt. Ltd. (PwC), was appointed/ selected as Consultant for the Implementation of Depot Online System in FCI. 

Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Depot Online System, wherein specifications for the hardware to be procured and strategy for training implementation and roll- out of the project has been finalized and approved by the Board of Directors. Board, in principle, approved the proposal for implementation of Depot Online System across all FCI and non- FCI depots.

M/s Ricoh India Limited has been selected as System Integrator for the implementation of Depot Online System in FCI on 14th August, 2015. Training/ Awareness Workshops are being conducted at all levels for sensitizing about the application.

Status of Depot Online System

  1. The application is being initially rolled out in pilot depots and subsequently shall be rolled- out in all FCI depots.
  2. Trainings at Pre- Pilot & Pilot Depots for roll- out of the application have been conducted by the trainers appointed by the System Integrator (M/s Ricoh). The SI has also deployed hand holding manpower at these depots.
  3. Hardware for the roll- out & implementation of the application at Pilot & Pre- Pilot Depots, initially, has been received & installed at these depots, as per the BoQ, by the System Integrator (M/s Ricoh).
  4. The Depot Online System Application has been hosted on the NIC Cloud Server.
  5. User credentials for all the Pilot & Pre-Pilot Depots have been created by the System Integrator (M/s Ricoh) and have been forwarded to the concerned District offices along with the link for accessing the application for login in.
  6. Provisioning of E-mail & SMS Gateway for the application is underway.
  7. DR Site for the application is being provisioned from NIC.
  8. User Credentials for the HO/ ZO/ RO and DO are being created by System Integrator (M/s Ricoh).
  9. Issue related to using the application are being addressed as & when reported.
  10. Training at FCI DO/ RO/ ZO is being conducted by System Integrator (M/s Ricoh) for the implementation of the application at rest of the depots other than Pre- Pilot & Pilot Depots.
  11.  Hardware at the FCI Owned depots other than Pre- Pilot & Pilot Depots is being dispatched by the System Integrator (M/s Ricoh).

 Timelines- Action plan for depot Online System

Issue of LOA to selected System Integrator


Application development and procurement of hardware though system integrator


Piloting in 25 FCI depots  (one in each region)


Rollout in all FCI depots 


Stabalisation of Depot Online system