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Sports & Welfare Activities

Sports & Cultural Activities:

The Food Corporation of India is actively promoting Sports & Cultural activities in the organization through the Sports Promotion Board, constituted in the year 1969, with Chairman and Managing Director as its ex-officio Patron and President respectively. At Zonal & Regional level similar Committees are functioning with Executive Directors & General Managers as their ex-officio Presidents.

  • The Constitution of the Sports Promotion Board.
  • The Office bearers/main functionaries of the Board.

FCI Sports Promotion Board (SPB) also organizes All India Inter Zonal Tournaments in Football, Cricket, Hockey, Badminton and Table Tennis every year. In addition to this, Sports Promotion Board also organizes one of the All India Public Sector Tournament allocated by the All India Public Sector Sports Promotion Board (AIPSSPB).

FCI encourages its sports persons through participation in various prominent Tournaments as well as All India Public Sector Tournaments/National Championships in almost all major disciplines of sports. Further, FCI encourages its sports persons by providing financial assistance for their participation in accredited International events abroad.

Salient features of SPB’s activities and its schemes are given hereunder:-

(b) Affiliation:

FCI Sports Promotion Board and its Zonal Sports Promotion Committees are affiliated with under mentioned following National & State level Federations /Associations:-

  1. Indian Football Association
  2. Badminton Association of India
  3. Table Tennis Federation of India
  4. Indian Weight lifting Federation
  5. Indian Power lifting Federation
  6. Indian Hockey Federation
  7. Bengal Hockey Association
  8. All India Public Sector Sports Promotion Board
  9. West Bengal Wrestling Association
  10. Delhi & District Cricket Association
  11. Delhi Hockey Association
  12. Delhi Soccer Association
  13. Delhi Table Tennis Association
  14. Delhi Badminton Association

The affiliation with the above Sports Federations/Associations allows FCI sports persons to participate in various tournaments organized by these Federations/Associations, and also represent these Federations/Associations in the National & International Championships. The affiliation with these Federations helps FCI teams in direct participation in the National Championships.

Our Football Team has been regularly participating in the Super Division/A Division League of India Football Association at Kolkata for the last many years. Our team has played alongside and against the players of well known football Clubs of Kolkata like East Bengal, Md. Sporting, Mohan Bagan etc., our Hockey, Cricket, Table Tennis and Badminton Teams have shown excellent performance at State/National level tournaments.

(b) Recruitment:

Recruitment of sports persons in the Corporation is done in accordance with Govt. of India policy guidelines and the provision of FCI (Staff) Regulations. There have been some exemplary instances in the past where eminent sports persons who had won laurels at International level have been directly recruited based on their spot performances at national & international level. Ninety posts have recently been approved for recruitment of meritorious sports persons in Cat. III. Zonal Sports Committees/Headquarter Sports Committee have been allocated 15 posts each with the direction to complete the recruitment process within next two years.

  • Recruitment Policy of the Corporation

(c )Stipend Scheme

1.Food Corporation of India has been encouraging young, talented and budding students sports persons since 1986 through Stipend Scheme keeping with the objectives of National Sports Policy. The stipend are granted in the age groups of 15-21 years and 21-24 years at monthly stipend amounts of Rs. 3,000/- and Rs. 5,000/- respectively. About 150 promising sports persons showing potential for outstanding performances are granted stipend in the scheme.. The sports persons are given adequate exposure at State/National level, as part of the FCI Teams. The success of FCI SPB Stipend Scheme is evident from the outstanding performances of Ms. K. Malleshwari (Weightlifting), S/Shri Saurav Ganguly & Ajay Ratra (Cricket), Sharad Kamal & Prithviraj Bose (Table-Tennis) who were earlier on the stipend rolls of the Corporation.

Talent Search Scheme:

The Sports Promotion Board has recently introduce the Talent Search Scheme in lieu of 18 numbers quota of stipend scheme available with the Board in the following individual disciplines:-

  1. Athletics
  2. Swimming
  3. Badminton
  4. Table-Tennis
  5. Weightlifting
  6. Tennis
  7. Wrestling
  8. Boxing
  9. Cycling
  10. Gymnastics
  11. Judo
  12. Rifle Shooting
  13. Ball Badminton

The above games are covered under the stipend/Recruitment scheme of the Corporation.

The salient features of the Talent Search Scheme are as under:-

  1. The stipend quota of 18 available with SPB may be utilized for the proposed Talent Search Scheme with the aim of identifying budding talent in individual sports who have the capacity to make a mark in major National Tournaments.
  2. National Sports Federations/major coaching centers may be approached to forward the names of meritorious sports persons for consideration under the scheme.
  3. Concerned senior sports persons of FCI may be deputed by SPB at the venue of the national tournaments to identify the talented sports persons.
  4. Applications may also be invited by giving a brief advertisement in the Press and displaying eligibility criteria and other details in FCI website to give wide publicity to the scheme.
  5. Senior sports persons of FCI who have represented at least State teams in National tournaments may also be requested to recommend the names of talented sports persons.
  6. 1/3rd of the total scholarship quota may be awarded to women players.
  7. A committee headed by Secretary (SPB) may be constituted for evaluating the applications and recommend the names of sports persons for grant of scholarship.
  8. The eligibility criteria for the scheme maybe the same as proposed for stipend scheme.

(d) Performance during 2010-11:


  1. FCI cricket team won the DDCA Premier Division League Championship held at New Delhi. In the process FCI team defeated leading Clubs/Institutions viz. ONGC, Air India, Subhania, Indian Air Force and Sonnet etc.
  2. FCI team won the DDCA Hot Weather Cricket Tournament for Lt. Governor Cup for the year 2010. FCI defeated star studded Air India consisting of National & International cricketers in the Finals.


  1. FCI team won the Runners-Up Trophy in the All India Inter Institutional Badminton Tournament held at Visakhapatnam from 27th to 30th July, 2010. Also, FCI team was winners in Men’s Doubles event in the said tournament.
  2. Two of our players namely S/Shri Alwin Francis and N. Srujan were selected as probables for the Commonwealth Games-2010.


FCI (NZ) Hockey team was winners in the All India Trader Cup Hockey Tournament held at Nanital from 4th to 24th June, 2010. Football

FCI (NZ) team won the All India Rampur Challenge Cup Football Tournament held at Nanital from 28th August to 8th September, 2010.

FCI (NZ) team won the DSA Inter Institutional Football League held at Delhi from 17th May to 16th July, 2010.


FCI (NZ) team won the summer open T.T. championship held at Delhi from 5th to 9th July, 2010.

(e) Contribution of FCI sports persons in organizing Commonwealth Games held in October, 2010 at New Delhi



Ms. E.B. Shyla

Indian Athletic Team


Ms. Shiny Wilson

(Participated Four times in Olympics continuously)

Member of Selection Committee to select Arjuna Awardees

Indian Athletic Team

Ms. K. Malleshwari

(Olympic Bronze Medalist)

Vice President, Indian Weighlifting Federation.


Indian Weightlifting Team



Shri S.P. Singh

Badminton Association of India

Shri Davinder Dhillon

Badminton Association of India

Shri Kawaljeet Singh

Athletic Federation of India

(f) In-service Incentive Scheme:

The Sports Promotion Board of FCI encourages its sports persons by granting incentives under the in-service incentive scheme for medal winning performance at National and International events.

  • The In-service Incentive Scheme

(g) Leave & travel facilities:

FCI employees selected for sporting events of National/International importance are treated as ON DUTY for the period of actual days of participation and for the period spent in pre-participation Coaching Camps. Various other facilities viz., Accommodation, Refreshment & Kit etc. have all been substantially enhanced recently.

  • Allowance being paid to sports persons

(h)Cultural Activities:

FCI Sports Promotion Board also extends assistance to promote cultural activities for the welfare of the employees in Zones/Regions/Headquarters. The Zonal/Regional Committees conduct competitions at Zonal/Regional level in almost all the Zones in the cultural activities such as Dramas, One-Act plays, Instrumental music, Mono acting, Dance etc, to promote the awareness of Indian culture amongst the employees. The Committees also encourage the employees’ children for participating in such events by giving prizes for their performances in the field of fine arts, education as well as sports and games.

(i) Sports Calendar for the year 2015-16:

Achievements against the events held upto 29.02.2016 is as follows:-

Event Venue/Date/Month Results
Inter District Badminton/TT/Carroms Championship Held at Trivandrum from 18.12.2015 to 19.12.2015 Overall Champion: Regional Office
Inter Regional Sports Championship Held at Hyderabad from 18.02.2016 to 19.02.2016 Overall Champion: Kerala Region
Team Champion in:
Shuttle Badminton- Men and Women
Table Tennis-Women 


(j) Prominent sports persons:

Many FCI sports persons have contributed in bringing laurels for the Corporation as well as the country. The names of some of the outstanding and prominent sports persons (game-wise) are given as under:-

Khel Ratna/Padma Sri/Arjuna Awardee

Ms. K. Malleshwari Weightlifting

Padma Sri/Arjuna Awardee

Ms. Shiny Wilson Athletics

Arjuna Awardees:

Sh. Satish Kumar Athletics(Deaf & Dumb)


Sh. Syam Kumar GR. Ms. Sany Joseph, Ms. Rita Sen, Ms. Rinku Atta, Ms. Shantimol Philips, Ms. Pranati Mishra, Ms. Savatri Sur, Ms. E.B. Shyla, Ms. K.S. Bijimol, Ms. Susma Behra, Sh. Baiju, Sh. SA. Kujur, Sh. Mahvir Ram Lohra.


Sh. Davinder Dhillon, Sh. Kaushik Pal, Sh. Alwin Francis, Sh. N. Srujan and Sh. Anshuman Borah


Sh. Debang Gandhi, Sh. Amarjeet Kaypee, Sh. Vipin Vats, Sh. Amitava Roy, Sh. Arup Bhattacharjee, Sh. Ashish Wiston Zaidi, Sh. Akash Malhotra, Shri Paras Dogra, Sh. Pankaj Thakur, Sh. Naveen Negi and Sh. Alok Bhattacharjee (an International Umpire).


Sh. Atnu Bhattacharjee, Sh. Alok Mukhrjee, Sh. Victor Amalraj, Sh. Sarup Das, Sh. Narender Thapa, Sh. Babu Mani, Md. Farid , Sh. Sudip Chkarvati, Sh. Devasis Sarkar and Md. Quadeer Sheikh.


Sh. Thoiba Singh (Olympian), Sh. Kuljajit Meetai & Sh. Navbeer Singh


Sh. Sandeep Gosain, Sh. Ashok Sharma and Ms. Chhaya Bhatt.

Table Tennis:

Sh. Sivananda Seshadri


Ms. Mukta Goel and Sh. Goutam Purket


Sh. G. Ganashekar, Sh. N. Shivraj and Ms. K. Kalyani

(k)Budget allocation:

An amount of Rs. 3 crores has been allocated to Sports Promotion Board for running sports & cultural activities of FCI smoothly during financial year 2010-11 which includes expenditure on sports activities, stipend grant, organization of All India FCI Inter Zonal Tournaments & Cultural Competitions and grant of financial assistance to sports persons for their participation in International events abroad.

Sports guidelines/instructions issued by Sports Promotion Board are given as under:

Sl. No. Subject Annexure No.
1. Constitution of the Sports Promotion Board Annexure : I
2. List of Office bearers/main functionaries of the SPB Annexure : II
3. Appointment of meritorious outstanding sportsmen to Category - III & IV posts in the Corporation
Annexure : III
4. Award of Scholarship by FCI to the talented students in the field of sports
Annexure - IV
5. Re-naming of Scholarship Scheme
Annexure : IV(a)
6. Revised Scheme of grant of stipend to the students upcoming in the field of sports
Annexure : IV(b)
7. Revised Scheme of grant of stipend to the students upcoming in the field of sports (revised guidelines)
Annexure : IV(c)
8. -Grant of In-service Incentive to sportspersons for medal winning performance at National and International events
- Revision of FCI's incentive scheme for sportspersons for medal winning performances both at National and International level
Annexure : V
Annexure ; V(a)
9. Revision of allowances to sportspersons
Annexure : VI
10. Enhancement of kit allowance, incidentals, out-of pocket allowance and Cash Awards to sportspersons
Annexure : VI(a)
11. Enhancement of accommodation charges for sporting events
Annexure :VI(b)
12. Guidelines for practice leave being granted to sportspersons
Annexure :VI (c)
13. Code of conduct for sports men/women
Annexure : VII
14. Accounting procedure for maintenance of Accounts by Regional/Zonal Sports Promotion Committee towards sports activities of the Corporation
Annexure : VIII
15. Submission of audited accounts/strict compliance of code of conduct/finalization of draw etc. Annexure - IX