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Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Issue of foodgrains from wheat Stack
  2. Curative Treatment of Foodgarain
  3. Food Storage Godown at Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)
  4. Foodgrain stack in FCI Godown
  5. interaction of FCI CMD with PDS beneficieries during Kerala visit
  6. Analysis of Food grain sample in QC Lab
  7. Covering of Foodgrain stack for curative treatment
  8. Mandi operation in Punjab
  9. Movrment of foodgrains by rail from Adanis scintific silo at kaithal (Haryana)
  10. Payment to farmers by Chaque
  11. Preventive treatment of Foodgarains in FCI Depot
  12. Procurement at purchase center by FCI
  13. Purchase center opend in FCI godown
  14. Railway siding in FCI Depot
  15. Samples drawn for Quality check
  16. Signing of the MOU between FCI and Institute of Cost Accountant of India (ICAI) for imparting training to students of ICAI
  17. Unloading of foodgrains
  18. unloading of foodgrains from rail wagon
  19. Waybridge operation at FCI Depot
  20. Wheat stored in CAP storage (4)
  21. Wheat stored in CAP storage
  22. Visit of Chinese delegation at FCI's training center at IFS, Gurgaon
  23. Visit of Japanesh delegation at FCI Hqrs