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A.  Operations


In order to achieve the food security of the country, the Sales Division looks after one of the most important operation i.e. distribution of foodgrains under TPDS/NFSA & Other Welfare Schemes.


Government of India fulfils the objectives of food security through the Public Distribution System. Public Distribution System strives to meet the twin objectives of price support to the farmers for their product and supply of foodgrains at affordable prices. It is against the stocks procured under price support, Government releases a certain quantity of foodgrains in each State under the Public Distribution System. This mission of the Government of India is translated into reality by the FCI.  In order to implement the food policy of Government, FCI has to fulfil certain objectives which are as follows:


  • To ensure and equitable distribution of available foodgrains at reasonable prices to the vulnerable sections of  society throughout the year;


  • To maintain stability in foodgrains prices throughout  the country during the year;


  • To maintain an adequate buffer stock of foodgrains to deal with fluctuations in production and to meet unforeseen exigencies and natural calamities.


B.      Functions 


The functions of Sales Division are as follows:


I)            Management of issue of wheat & rice within overall allocation under different schemes of Ministry of CAF&PD at Central Issue Price which are as under:-


a)     NFSA & Tide over allocation and Special additional allocations.  

b)     Other Welfare Schemes (OWS) viz.  Mid-Day Meal, Annapurna, Welfare Institutions & Hostels, SC/ST/OBC Hostels, Wheat     Based Nutrition Programme and Scheme for Adolescent Girls.

c)     Defence/ Para-Military Forces (CRPF/BSF/ITBP).

d)     Natural calamities and festivals.

e)     Open Market Sales Scheme (Domestic).


II)     Matters related to Stocking Norms of foodgrains for Central Pool.


III)   Disposal of issuable old stocks of foodgrains through         open tender.


IV)    Policy matter related to reimbursement of Hill Transport Subsidy (HTS) up to 31.03.2017 to the        entitled States/UTs being cost of transportation of foodgrains from base depots to Principal Distribution Centres (PDCs).


V)     Release of wheat at pre-determined prices in the open market from time to time to enhance the supply of wheat especially during the lean season to moderate the open market prices. 


VI)    Disposal of pulses through normal channel and         through e-tenders.